LinkedIn Navigator

Implement a LinkedIn Sales Funnel that generates leads and customers at scale without relying on ads, recommendations, or daily content.

Put an end to low-quality leads and inefficient sales processes with our proven methodology. 

Problems We Solve


Dependency 😨

Stop relying on paid ads, referrals or daily content to generate new opportunities. Start using your own acquisition method.


Inconsistency 😰

Generate between 4-8 sales calls in your calendar every single week and fill your pipeline in a predictable way.


Quality 🥴

Other platforms might generate a lot of noice but in the end the decision maker you're looking for is on LinkedIn.

Designed For


B2B Businesses

We have helped from law firms, architects and real estate to SAAS companies. If you are a B2B this is for you.



My own agency (Moonroi) went from €0 - €100K in less than 6 months with this system. You just have to copy & paste.



Frustrated not knowing how to expand your client base without referrals or ads? This program will get you there.

Our Methodology

Snipper Approach 🔎

It is not about reaching everyone, but focusing on the right target. Connect with decision makers and increase your closing rates with less friction in your sales.

Personalisation 🤝

Business is relationships between people. Create real connections, add value and offer a personalised experience. This is what will set you apart from your competition.

Automation 🤖

Implement semi-automated process that allows you to expand your connections while keeping a personal approach. This is where 99% of businesses fail with salesy messages.

Our Credentials

7 Pillars

Pillar 1: Foundation

Let's go back to the basic principles of outreach and get into the right mindset before reaching out to strangers.

Pillar 2: Honest Audit

We take your LinkedIn profile from zero to hero with our honest audit. Turn your profile into a lead generation machine.

Pillar 3: Outreach Mastery

Master all the sales tools that LinkedIn offers for your business and book 4-8 calls a week with highly qualified leads (€0 ad spent).

Pillar 4: LinkedIn Full funnel

Copy & paste our LinkedIn Full Funnel with a couple of clicks. Save time, energy and frustration with our templates and scripts.

Pillar 5: Social Selling

Follow up on your business opportunities and increase the conversion rate of your proposals with our battle tested sales methodology.

Pillar 6 & 7: Bonus

We go one step further and combine LinkedIn with Email Funnels. Increase your touch points with an omnichannel approach and scale your sales.

You'll Achieve


+30 Proposals Per Month

On average our clients generate +30 sales calls per month with highly quality leads using our methodology.


Raise Your High Ticket Fees

Qualify the businesses you connect with on LinkedIn and make sure they can pay the fees you deserve.


2X Your Net Profit Margins

Forget about ad spent or referrals fees for your client acquisition. Increase your net profits and LTV of your clients.

Immediate Access

🥷🏽LinkedIn Full Funnel Implementation

90 days of personalised consulting to take you by the hand through each step you need to accomplish in oder to implement our LinkedIn Full Funnel in record time. Take your profile from zero - hero in just one week and launch your funnel in 14 days with new opportunities on your calendar. Get access to automated reports and track each opportunity generated via LinkedIn.

☎️ Weekly Live Calls

Join our weekly live calls with Jaime (CEO) and Ignacio (Head of Growth). Our sessions have a strategic and technical component to make sure that your sales process works perfectly. These calls will take as long as needed to answer all your questions.

🔖 Templates: Automations, Tools, Offers, Sequences & More

After sending +20,000 emails and 1,500 messages each month on LinkedIn we know what works and what doesn't. Get access to the same templates that we use today for our own agency (up to date). Copy & paste +3 years of funnel engineering with a couple of clics and save yourself some time.

🖥 +30 Hours Of video Training

Lifetime access for you and your team to our step-by-step training on how to dominate LinkedIn with a proven sales strategy. This is world class technical content that has been featured in the Ad World Conference (biggest marketing conference in the world) among other major events. We keep our content always up to date with the latest strategies and tools.

🤖 Systems & Processes

Send 4-8 proposals every week, increase the average ticket of your services and scale your closing rate to +50%. Replicate our systems to automatically track every opportunity you generate, handle objections with ease, and close new clients in 1-2 calls.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Exclusive B2B Community

Lifetime access to our community exclusive community. Forget about WhatsApp groups that do nothing but distract you. Access the first platform designed for B2B where you can answer your questions, network, recruit VAs and Appointment Setters, as well as share your victories with the community.

📨 Bonus: Email Outreach Funnel

We go one step further and share our Email Sales Funnel. Access the tools and strategies we use to achieve +60% open rates, +3% CTR and +4% responses. Other programs would charge you for this alone, we give it to you as a bonus because we want you to reach your goals.

¿What Is LinkedIn Navigator?

For +3 years I’ve been helping B2B businesses scale aggressively without relying on paid ads, recommendations, or selling their soul to IG or YT.

LinkedIn Navigator is the compilation of all the victories and failures that we have faced so that you can save time & money with a system that is error-proof.

This program has a clear vision: to help you attract customers month after month without having to invest a penny in paid advertising.

“My sales process was inefficient and I was failing to consistently generate new business. Now there isn't a month that goes by without a new client closing.”
Daniel Marcet
“Jaime helped me understand where to find my ideal client and what was the best approach to connect with them. On top of that, my margins have increased by 2X”
Mario Miraglia
“Now I can grow my business independently without having to do paid ads all the time. Thank you Jaime for your help throughout the process!”
Gabriela Baquerizo

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